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Spotlight - Tracey Medcalfe Photography

We have a whole new website!!! I am very excited to share that you can now visit the new website and enjoy the beautiful galleries and with all you need to know to book your next photography session!  We have also opened up the membership packages to all clients....previously it was only available to business clients!!  Check out the details for portrait membership here Photography is so much more than the click of a shutter on a phone or camera! It tells a story, records a moment, documents our unique and precious lives for future generations! Passions long to be discovered Emotions demand to be felt Energy drives us to grow Your life and the life of your family and friends needs to be remembered and cherished and loved! Photographs are an essential component to our present and future lives and our special team will work with you to plan and capture your life as it is today in a truly unique way that says "This is me"

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"Strive to live in the present, resolve with the past, and create my ideal future" ~ Mark Divine


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