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Spotlight - It's the Little Things!

They say it’s the little things in life that matter most.  Show me a wedding where the bride and groom and family have not paid special attention to the little things, to the favors and the detail.  To the colors and the style and the historical importance of each little piece of jewelry. 

When so much thought and planning has gone into the detail, it should not be forgotten.  In photographing weddings we endeavor to capture all of those tiny little details so that you can relive them overtime.  Flowers will wilt, candles will burn, cakes will be eaten and wine will be drunk but these little details will live on for us all to remember in pictures.

Below are a few of the special details that were used in in a recent boutique wedding we photographed.  I just love how they all seem to blend together in the same rustic pretty!  Make sure you give lots of thought to these little things when planning your event, it is the finishing touch to a wonderful day.

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