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Latest and Greatest - Sunny Family Photography

What do two adorable kids, one lively puppy and two devoted caring parents have in common?  I’ll give you a clue, it starts with f and ends in y!

One of my main goals in photographing families is to create and capture moments during the session which reflect the love, humor and fun that families enjoy in their own time.  In the space of a session, and the limited time that’s available, it can be hard to capture those moments.  Preparation and visualization can help as well as trying to have fun, treats as well as combining getting dressed up with going out for dinner can also spice up the afternoon. The family below were outstanding, not only did they arrive relaxed and smiley!  They brought they’re bouncy dog, as well as fun.

Needless to say pets and children nearly always steal the show in one way or another.  They all had tremendous fun in this session!

Thank you for choosing me to capture these moments for your family!

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