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Latest and Greatest - Family One Room Schoolhouse

It’s always a treat to photograph families on a regular basis.  I feel that everyone, including me, but especially the models are more relaxed and more open!  For most of us the experience of being photographed isn’t enjoyable.  Especially you know you want to get pictures, but very often have to organize the whole family in order to coordinate everyone!   We can help with the planning and once you arrive for your session...just relax and leave all the hard work up to us!  It’s ok not to be looking at the camera all the time, and not to smile, in fact it’s ok to be very serious!  We will capture it all and then you can decide which images speak to you most! The pictures below are from a wonderful session late 2019 when I just love the One Room SchoolHouse.  The colors of the walnuts are amazing and the yellow, white and brown background is just so pretty!  Woodpeckers and squirrels abound and you can even hear the horses down the road! Thank you for being such fantastic models and for entrusting me with your family portraits!!

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