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Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Yosemite

We were so excited to spend the day at Yosemite recently and of course I took the opportunity to take a few photographs... this doesn’t always make me popular (understatement) with the rest of my group as it requires that I stop all the time!! We hiked up Vernal Falls to Clark Point loop and thankfully we were bathed in beautiful sunshine but drenched in refreshing mist as we ascended.  Glistening rocks and shimmering rainbows made it a magical hike....I highly recommend it! Yosemite is only accessible with pre-ordered tickets right now so you get the added benefit of a reduced number of people in the park as well!

Last point to note...I’m really glad that we didn’t research this hike too much before we did it, because knowledge that the climb from the top of the falls to Clark Point was the same as from the bridge to the falls may have deterred my kids… Thankful for ignorance on this one!!

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