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Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Harvesting Lavender

When we planted tiny little lavender plants along a path in the backyard, we have no idea just how crazy big these plants would grow to be and how much they would take over the garden. When they are in full bloom, they look spectacular but you can barely walk down the path... we named it ‘bee alley’...even the dogs are nervous!  With lots of lavender comes lots of lavender buds and rather than throw it out we decided this year to harvest it.  

The process involved cutting the lavender stocks for which we used a hedge trimmer… Not sure if that’s recommended or not:-).

Then there was bundling the stalks up into small bundles, hanging in the garage for about two weeks and finally removing the buds from the stocks. Definitely removing the buds is the toughest job and to end up with a collection of buds only seems almost impossible. The final picture shows the full harvest, quite impressive I think!

Next comes what to do with all that lavender!  Any suggestions for easy to create diy lavender things would be so greatly appreciated!! Enjoy the pictures.

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