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Latest and Greatest - Family Photography

Fall and spring are the most popular times for family photographs and it doesn't take much to see why!  It's all about the colors! Spring offers bright blue skies, lots of yellow and other bright sunny colors of emerging blossom.  Fall colors tend to be more muted, reds and yellows!  It's always worth baring that in mind when you decide to get photographs taken.  The color of the outfits can enhance or detract from the pictures and the wonderful family I photographed below definitely chose to enhance!  Grey is one of my favorite colors with pink and just seems to make each other pop!

I recommendDesign Seedsto help to get a feel for what colors look like together - it is a website created to help you coordinate interior design colors, but uses so much of the colors in nature that it makes for wonderful pallets when choosing outfits!  You can choose a color from their palette and then have recomneded coordinating palettes to include that color.  Or you can choose a theme such as 'The Sea' or 'Summer' and look at a variety of options that they have developed.

Thank you for being such wonderful models and asking me to capture your beautiful family!  I just love working with you guys!! 

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