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For the Photographer in You - Black and White Moods

Removing the color or photographing in black and white can enhance a picture and strengthen it's mood!  These photographs below are from our recent high school senior event and I chose to switch them to black and white to increase their interest!  Read why for each picture specifically below!

This picture was going to be a high contrast image to start full sunlight so difficult to work with.  But I was looking for a refection in the limo window that was almost as interesting as the model!  I was so excited to get this one!  The fact that she isn’t smiling makes it better for me as the whole vibe of the image is a bit edgy and cool.  I just love the shadow of her gorgeous long eyelashes as well!

This student appears to be in a reflective mood in this image.  Both because she is looking down and serious. The contrast could be stronger...the sun is just edging around the left side of her face and so softening the image.  Even with the softening, I think it makes for a lovely black and white.

A peak through a windswept Victoria’s Secret blanket!  I love full of energy and wonder!  The picture makes me want to know what she is looking at!!  I know of course :-) so I won’t leave you in suspense!  It was another photographer from our high school senior event!!  Love the dynamics of more than one photographer to allow one to focus the model and another to capture a different angle!  Im certain I would never have been able to capture this on my own!  The sun had set in this image and so fading light to work with which is just gorgeous!  This image works in both black and white I think...but the monotone emphasizes the outline of her face and the letters on the blanket.

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