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Business Spotlight - None-Profit - Meals of Gratitude

There really is so much to think about these days and it seems that on the news there is another traumatic situation arising each week. From COVID-19 to California wildfires and hurricane Laura to name but a few. I thought for the spotlight that I would take a look at a few of the volunteer organizations supporting people in need in these areas and one caught my attention. I wanted to include it here in the spotlight for September.

It ismeals of gratitude...they exist to provide meals to frontline workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, firefighters, evacuees, and volunteers.  Only established in 2020, they are focused on today’s most urgent needs.  The words below are directly from their website -

“Buy a loving meal of gratitude and give a virtual hug!

Do you wish you could buy a beautiful meal and give a virtual hug to someone on the frontline who takes care of us in times of disaster?

Meals of Gratitude was founded to show love and respect for healthcare frontline workers. Because of the current fires in our area, we are shifting to send meals to firefighters, evacuees, and volunteer frontline support.”

All donations are raised to produce loving meals of gratitude.

Stay safe and THANK YOU to everyone who is working hard to support people in need right now!

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