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Business Spotlight - None-Profit - Maddy Jane Designs

Introducing Maddy Jane Designs ~ I was super excited to photograph this business recently and also to share it with you in this newsletter!  I had such fun on this session with the lead designer and two of her models who rocked the jewelry in style. Please read more about the business below.  Just in case you think she'd get bored designing jewelry, she also has cookery and succulent businesses to can read all about them on her website.

Say Hello to Maddy Jane Designs, an on-line jewelry business that brings you distinctive jewelry with giving back to the communities in mind.  Every piece of jewelry is made, by my hands, at my home in Walnut Creek. Each element is sourced and carefully selected before being beautifully and artistically arranged with love. Maddy Jane Designs strive to be more than just a typical jewelry company.  We are unique because our mission is unique – 100% of our net proceeds support charity organizations. That means with every jewelry purchase, you give back to a good cause. There is no mass production in Maddy Jane Designs. Each item is one of a kind. Once it is sold, there will not be the exact same piece available.

I got a taste of the American dream when I came to the U.S from Vietnam as an immigrant 40 years ago. With more time on my hands now, my wish is to devote my creativity and use my talents to inspire others.  My dream is to share the success and happiness of what life has given me with those around me.  Maddy Jane Designs is born to make my dream come true.  When you wear Maddy Jane Designs jewelry, you look beautiful. Your heart feels kindness. Your heart feels grateful for what life has given you and that you’re giving back.  

Previously established in 2004, Hanh Le Design produced handcrafted and eclectic jewelry sold at various art shows in California and other states. Now launched as Maddy Jane Designs after my beautiful first granddaughter, Madelyn Jane. It is my hope that as my granddaughter grows up, she will learn to be grateful, to give back, and to have empathy for people who are less fortunate. The world will be a better place, a kinder place if everyone cares for each other a little. Yes, just a little. 

We had a different mission, a different purpose, in mind when we created Maddy Jane Designs. Each piece is a true labor of love; our products are made with great energy and sustainable quality, with the proceeds going directly to someone in need.  

There are many amazing charitable organizations and we select a few organizations that we donate to throughout the year. Then switch our donations to specific organizations depending on their needs. This allows us to share our love and our kindness to all. 

If you have a specific charity organization that you would like to support, please email us athellomaddyjane@gmail.commore details.  We could easily host a jewelry party and 100% of the net proceeds would go directly to your preferred charity organization.

Our business is expanding to other fun adventures on cooking classes and designing planters....check our website to find out more!

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