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Business Spotlight - Floral Designer - Picked Blooms - Jyoti Gandhi

Picked Blooms is a blossoming floral studio that crafts beautiful wild bloom creations for weddings, corporate gatherings and special events like birthdays and anniversaries. We also offers a variety of succulent garden designs and potted orchids as alternate gifts to flower arrangements.

How can you resist buckets and buckets of peonies in June, hydrangea in August and wide array of greenery in December. Being a floral designer has to be the prettiest career ever. On top of that I get to be creative with all that nature has to offer, from arranging in vases, making custom bouquets, to wedding florals. I used to always love taking time making flower arrangements for friends and family, and used to make and create little gifts; Christmas wreaths, wreaths for kitchens with fresh herbs, and little herbᅠgardens growing up. I decided to turn my dabbling into a business a couple of years after graduating from college withᅠmy husbands' encouragement. After running The Flower Shop of San Francisco for a couple of years I took some time off and became a stay at home toᅠmyᅠthen two kids. In the fall of 2019 after our youngest started elementary school I started Picked Blooms from my home studio.

All of the flowers and arrangements are handpicked and handcrafted with the freshest flowers from the San Francisco Flower Mart and other local sources.  I have adopted environmentally conscious practices in my studio.  That means reusing materials, composting, recycling, avoiding plastics, sourcing flowers and foliage locally as much as possible, supporting sustainable and organic American flower growers and designing with flowers when they naturally bloom.  I get inspired by being a part ofᅠpeople's special days. I'm not just talking about weddings, but all the little moments in life that people get flowers to celebrate with. It could be a new dad who is celebrating the birth of his baby and wants to pick a bouquet to take to the hospital, or someone about to propose to his girlfriend. They all come withᅠstories to share, it is always a total privilege to be part of their small and big moments, even in the smallest of ways with flowers!  I dream of owning and living on a flower farm one day.

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