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Business Spotlight - Digital Strategist - Busy Bisa - Isabela Erickson

The photography session is a different experience for everybody, and recently I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful digital strategist. She chose the foothills of Diablo State Parkfor photographs and I was thrilled! One of her loves is outdoor hikes and I was really excited to capture her in our beautiful area. Check out some of the pictures below and read what she says about her growing business!

At Busy Bisa we work to take the load of building your online presence and being consistent on social media platforms off your plate so that you can have time for what you really love to do. We help businesses grow their online presence and tell their story through branding and social media management and strategy. We offer services such as website audit, social media management (posts and content creation), Facebook/ Instagram ads and digital marketing strategy consulting. 

I am passionate about Digital Marketing and the use of Social Media platforms as a way of communicating and promoting the uniqueness of every business. My mission is to be able to help business owners stay competitive in a world where an online presence is essential, and to do that in a human way, respecting each businesses' personality and values. Meeting people and learning about their passions and dreams is what motivates me to always be better.

I'm very focused on having your personality as a business owner present in every post. Your business social media account needs to be a reflection of who you are. I make sure to get to know you, your challenges and dreams and build a strategy that will be adequate in the context of your business goals.

My inspiration as an individual is to be able to change the life of the people who work with me, to celebrate every small victory that my clients accomplish and to share knowledge and build a more human online environment.

The name Busy Bisa comes from the expression Busy Bee, which means someone who enjoys doing a lot of things and keep themselves busy. It is a phrase that references the industrial behavior of bees. And Busy Bisa is how my husband calls me sometimes playing with the words with my name (Isabela)

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