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Portrait photography session at Blackhawk Plaza, Danville, offers many little gems.


The Plaza has an impressive museum with plenty of beautiful walkways, steps, and glass to wander in. It also has some lovely waterfalls and bird wildlife to further enhance the photography session. The waterfalls provide a calming ambiance to the session and create a sense of tranquility, while the birds add motion and life to the session.


In addition, there is a bonus grunge container nearby. This provides a great opportunity for us to capture some unique and creative photos. The grunge container has a lot of texture and depth, which can add a unique look to the session. Finally, there is a small collection of Redwoods to add to the mix. 

You are unique! 


How would you like to capture your one, unique and precious life?

 ~ Naturally focused photography, spectacular locations, sessions laced with fun and emotion.

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