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Naturally Focused Photography

San Francisco | London | Cape Town | Galway

How would you like to capture your one, unique and precious life?

Photography is so much more than the click of a shutter on a phone or camera!
It tells a story, records a moment, documents our unique and precious lives for future generations!

Passions long to be discovered
Emotions demand to be felt
Energy drives us to grow
Your life and the life of your family and friends needs to be remembered and cherished and loved!

Photographs are an essential component to our present and future lives
and our special team will work with you to plan and capture your life as it is today in a truly unique way that says "This is me"

We are always looking at ways to incorporate the natural landscape in our photography.  Merging the beauty of our natural world with the beauty of your family or wedding!  

We photograph in California, UK, South Africa and Hawaii and anywhere you would like to capture memories!

We'd love to hear from you and help you capture your one unique and precious life!!

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About Me

I am wildly passionate about...

~ Life and love and loving those around you!  

~ Following your heart and doing what makes you happy, stronger, wiser, more fulfilled!

~ Being grateful for the small things


Based in Danville, California, Tracey Medcalfe Photography specializes in businesses, portrait and wedding photography and brings their energy and unique perspective to every session.

You won't be disappointed!

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gift card

A gift that is an experience and keepsake!

Photography vouchers make great gifts for friends, family or business connections!  Various amounts available and all can be applied to any type of session!


Purchase one of our gift cards below...

 ~ Naturally focused photography, spectacular locations, sessions laced with fun and emotion.

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