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"Tracey We were blown away by Tracey's pics. The entire experience was so special and fun. The process of taking family pics can actually be challenging, and she made it so comfortable and easy. She even incorporated our chocolate lab puppy! We are so pleased with the results and look forward to working with her again."

Lena A.


"Tracey Medcalfe you are so talented! Your own warmth brings out the warmth in those you photograph!"



"After coming back from a school field trip, Tracey handed me a couple black and white candid photos that she had taken of my daughter. I could not get over how she had captured the pure essence of my third grader. I later told Tracey that I had cherished the photos and framed them. I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a couple pictures of my daughter who was about to graduate from high school. I then found out, to my complete surprise, that Tracey was a photographer.  I should have known. Tracey then photogrphed my oldest daughter and it could not have been more perfect. She made everything feel comfortable and very natural. She used natural backgrounds that were creative and unique. Just beautiful. The following year I asked her to photograph my 17 year old son in action at a soccer game. Incredible once again! I could not be more thrilled with Tracey's work. She is awesome!!!"

~Brianna R.


"What a wonderful experience we had with Tracey Medcalfe when having our first family photo done in close to 5 years! Tracey was so at ease with my typical “mom” anxieties and was perfectly suited to direct my often rambunctious children. I couldn’t have asked for a better result, both during the shoot and upon review of our images! Tracey perfectly captured my children’s personalities, whimsy, and joy! I went into the shoot thinking I wanted a very traditional family photo, yet my favorite images are the ones that tell a story and are unrehearsed. Tracey --Thank you for the wonderful experience you offered me and my family, and here’s to many milestones ahead that we will capture through your lens!"

With much love, 
Chelsea Horan"