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The One Room Schoolhouse in Danville, California, is a picturesque spot for a professional family portrait photography session. Nestled in the hills of the East Bay Area, this sweet old schoolhouse dates back to the 1800s and is surrounded by stunning walnut trees and white fencing.


The grounds of the schoolhouse are meticulously maintained and the trees provide a beautiful backdrop for any portrait photos. When you arrive for a session, the grounds are peaceful and inviting. The tall walnut trees provide shade and a tranquil atmosphere.


In the fall, the foliage is particularly striking and makes for a stunning yellow backdrop for photos. The white fencing around the grounds adds to the charm and gives the photos a timeless look.

You are unique! 


How would you like to capture your one, unique and precious life?

 ~ Naturally focused photography, spectacular locations, sessions laced with fun and emotion.

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