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Newsletter October 2017

Good morning everyone 

Welcome to October!  There's a chill in the air (some of the time) and the trees are starting to commit to the changing season!!

There was certainly no shortage of tech developments over the past month with Sony launching a 3D picture capability on two of it's phones... all ready for augmented reality apps and potential 3d printing.  A user opens the camera on the phone and walks around the subject for example a person's head or a flower.  The software then renders a 3d image that can be edited.  It's only a matter of time before there are multiple apps that can make use of this...put yourself in a game...print a 3d copy of your dog!!!  Your favorite heirloom??? Will the inanimate replicas be so good that we won't be able to tell the difference? And of course there is Apple, with it's iPhone 8 release and ARkit that comes with IOS11...a toolkit for developing augmented reality apps for it's devices....I'm sure we'll see a lot more of this in 2018!!!

This month brings news of the summer vacation competition winner...see the image below!!  And congratulations to the winner...I'm really looking forward to working with you!

The latest and greatest comes from a super fun shoot for a new business launch in the area - GymGuyz.  They specialize in convenient, customized and creative workouts in your home or the location of your choice!  Check out some of the images below...they will certainly bring fun to your workout!!

This month's special is all about passing on your experience of tracey medcalfe photography to's a great offer for anyone who books a session with me having been recommended by you!!

For the photographer in you takes a few simple ideas to help you improve your photography and this month applies to any camera you have...the images I have included were taken with my iPhone!!  We are so spoilt with beautiful areas around's hard not to get excited about taking photos of the hills....check out the Little Ditty to see what I've been up to with my own camera fun!

Finally enjoy October....don't be too spooked and of course I would love to hear from you.... and your cheers on Facebook and Instagram 😊

Thanks for reading,

~ Tracey xxx

The winning photograph from my summer holiday vacation competition....If you know my work you will know that I am always striving to photograph moments that tell a story...little interactions or expressions within groups of people.  I guess this is why this photograph really had an impact on me. I love the way the girls are looking at each other and giggling.  I also love that the water around them looks so exciting and inviting it matches their mood!! Well done Marc for a fantastic photo thank you for sharing it with us.
Latest and Greatest

Here are a few of my favorites from the GymGuyz shoot!!  A great way to get fit and make the most of the wonderful California climate!
Thanks for asking me to do your Shoot of the personal trainers and best of luck with your new business launch!
October Special

Haunted Halloween October Referral Special!!
 I am always thrilled when clients love what I do and refer me to their friends and family.  For October I would like to say a big thank you to anyone who refers me and offer them $25 in print credits!


Dont forget, friends of friends always get 10% discount on any products!!

Just click on the image to find out more...

Offer Ends - 31st October 2017
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Helpful Hints for any Camera

I know that sometimes it helps to have a dedicated camera to take full advantage of my posts, but this one can improve anyone's photographs....from an iPhone to a hasslebad!!!  

Do you like taking photographs, but sometimes feel like you have to be in the mood or feel in an inspired frame of mind to do it!!  I find that it's possible to create the mood...keep shooting, take your camera  out with you, even if your feel like you don't want to...and something amazing often happens....your get inspired!!!!  It's so cool how that happens.  

A few shot tips this week.....focus on the subject - get closer, minimize distractions, check your background. I've shared a few images below that I took with my iPhone....I thought that this was such a curious subject, with a lovely metal frame and the sun casting a perfect shadow of it on the close wall!  I find the 3rd image in the set, while it displays the most compete image of the subject, is the least interesting because there is too much going on in the image....getting in close in this example results in a stronger image.

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - How Beautiful are our Hills?

There is a hike I do from time to time, that follows a beautiful path through the Diablo foothills and has a really cute swing overlooking the hills.  I came across the most perfectly shaped California Oak tree, the branches of the tree provides a perfect veil almost to the ground  ...the 4th image down and the first one on the newsletter.
Quote of the Month

From one of my favorite photographers....I love this quote and think that it is great advice for anyone who is passionate about something and wants to be outstanding at a nutshell!

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist!." - Jeremy Cowart
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