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Newsletter November 2017

Good morning everyone 

Welcome to a chilly November!

As a photographer there are occasions when you have to think carefully and consider just want a thoroughly fantastic job I have. Regardless of what I shoot, my daily tasks introduces me to the lives of other people that lots of other professions don't offer. I am granted temporary access to share their lives!! Recently, I have had the most wonderful families to work with; thank you all so much for choosing me to be your photographer, it is a privilege to capture your special times!!

This months latest and greatest comes from a recent shoot with a wonderful family and a very handsome puppy!!

Don't miss out on this months special...a 'lite' sized family photo shoot for those who are finding it hard to schedule a session before the holidays!

No Daddy downers please and we're not talking shots!! about tips and advice for your family photo shoots in 'For the Photographer in You'...find out if you are a Daddy downer :-(

For my own camera fun..check out how I was able to separate the 'ladies' from the crowd in San Francisco last weekend!! 

Finally, enjoy November and Thanksgiving.  I would love to hear from you and of course, your cheers on Facebook and Instagram 😊

Thanks for reading and happy November,

~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

Thank you to this wonderful family for asking me to take photographs of them and their new puppy!  I photographed this family a couple of years ago and it is magical to see how the kids have grown up in that time!!  The last image is one of my absolute fave's from the previous shoot!!!  They look like best friends!!
November Special

Family Shoot - Lite
 Are you just looking for one or a handful of images for holiday cards?
Don't feel like the full family don't have to!
It's not too late to schedule a 'lite' shoot.

Up to 1 hour session and 5 images for $250

Just click on the image to find out more...

Offer Ends - 30th November 2017
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Family Photo Shoot Tips

Choosing Clothing

Think about your clothing choices in advance.  What kind of family photos do you like…soft and elegant, fun and lively?  Chose your colors to match your mood.  I always feel that it is useful to start with a favorite outfit, one that you are comfortable in, but also will give the look that you are striving for (formal/business casual/relaxed etc.). Alternatively, if there is a favorite outfit that you like on anyone in the family, start there and work with everyone else's to get a coordinated look.  It looks nice to have a color theme that runs across all the subjects - so everyone has a little of the same color, but isn’t necessarily dressed in exactly the same colors - accessories can work well to coordinate this.  Design seeds is a great website I love for exploring color palettes - - it can be applied to home decor or clothing and will help with choosing colors and patterns that go well together.  You can also do a search by color or season to help expand your favorite collection. 

Eat On!

Just before your shoot is not the time to stop eating…make sure you have full tummies so that little children and big children aren't wondering when it will all be over so they can eat!  Make sure you have snacks on board if you plan to eat after the session!

Get Ready Early!!

Better still, have someone help you get ready…treat yourself to a hair and/or makeup appointment.  Mom, if you are all organized, you can help everyone else get organized without worry!! If Mom feels good, everyone is likely to feel good..rock on!

No Daddie Downers!!

I feel that many Dad's dread the photo shoot!!  But this is such a wonderful opportunity to get images with your family that you and your family will treasure forever.  Anyone with older children will tell you just how quickly they grow up…so pucker up and participate cheerfully :-)


Your children are already wonderful models…you know how gorgeous they are….so let the professional photographer just capture that natural beauty.  They wont be able to relax if you are giving them instructions:

'look at the camera!!'
'no not that cheesy smile, a real smile'

Trust me….we're much more likely to get that natural smile without all that direction!!  Help the photographer capture your child naturally, but talking with your child and creating an easy atmosphere!

Everyone looking at the camera makes for a good, classic photo and we all need those, but it is far from a natural pose!  Allow the family to engage with each other in the way that they do normally and the result will reflect you all as a family unit and you will be smiling at the results

Have Fun

Do what you do with your kids normally…do you play ball?  Throw them in the air? Tickle them?  Read them stories? Play chase?  All of these things can be great instigators for wonderful family photos.  Gone are the days where the whole family had to be posed and stationary for the length of the exposure….now, with good light…the fun and active aspect of your family can be captured as easily as the formal.

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Separating the Ladies from the Crowds...

This time of year is a wonderful time to hit the city (San Francisco, that is :-)) and take advantage of the 'mostly' beautiful weather it offers.  Last weekend, I stopped at the iconic 'Painted Ladies' and managed to separate the ladies from the crowd!!  I had to wait patiently to get some of these images...'quick, nobody coming!!'
Quote of the Month

a quote from one of the most incredible minds ever!  Sometimes we get caught up and stressed in learning facts or overthinking something...I find it is always useful to remember...

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein
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