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tracey medcalfe photography Newsletter - Nov 2013

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What's This All About???...why are you receiving this email and a bit about me...

I am so excited….i have been wanting to launch my photography business and was trying to come up with a way to reach everyone I know easily and with a lot of information all at once!…..eureka….a newsletter!  In the UK I ran a small photography business specializing in lifestyle portrait photography – mainly children and families in natural locations.  So here goes the Danville, California launch. I already notice that there are quite a few differences...lots of cameras event cards...Christmas, seniors...lots of photo sharing....shutterfly etc...not to mention....sunshine...all great fun :-). 

This is my first newsletter and i hope to do one each month...please do read on...there are lots of things i want to introduce here and i do hope it entertains you even in a small way. 


  • What’s this all about???
  • Everybody loves taking pictures competition
  • Referral Opportunities
  • Little ditty about my own camera fun
  • For the photographer in you

A bit more blurb about what I do…Using the latest technology to take and process digital photographs during the session, I try to capture the beauty in natural expressions and emotions. I do a lot of my work outside to create a relaxed and comfortable environment to work in but am happy to work wherever in any location some of my favourites include...the park, gardens, home, beach etc.


As well as portraits and family shots I also love photography of people in action.  I have had lots of opportunities to do this through performing arts productions….it is a fun and challenging aspect of my photography.

To get started, I wanted to run a few competitions and small on to hear more!


Everybody Loves Taking Pictures Competition

I want to introduce my first competition….we are all photographers and all want to capture pictures that will remind us of people, events, a special time etc.....send in your favorite portrait pictures…could be anybody…Mom, Dad, kids, pets etc.  I will collect them all up at the end of the November and the best photo winner will receive a free photo shoot session, worth $150.



Referral Opportunities...

I am always thrilled when clients love what I do and refer the end of the year, for each referral you make that confirms a booking I will enter your name in a hat.  At the end of the year, I will draw a name out of the hat…the winner will receive a free photo shoot session, worth $150






Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun...

I love goofing around in the garden trying to get some interesting picture of our wildlife...and believe me there is plenty, excluding the kids that is!  The squirrels continue to challenge me..i will get them one day.  But i did enjoy taking these shots of some i developed them, i found it interesting that they looked like they could either be underwater or above ground...what do you think?







For the Photographer in You...

Halloween is so much fun and even though it is now a fews days behind us… you can still get some memorable pictures if you have some of the decorations.  Here is some great artwork from our little guys that i just couldn't resist taking shots of!


For the mini pumpkin shots I used all natural light….I picked somewhere that has a lot of light but nothing too harsh…so there are no hard shadows or high exposure areas.  I also tried to get a background that is interesting and has a good contrast with the pumpkins so that they would pop out of the picture….fun stuff.

This carved pumpkin, I shot inside with some halloween lights behind for effect.  With night shots, make sure you turn your flash off to get the full effect of the light from the halloween objects.  Using a flash will light everything up and you won't get the effect of the subtle lights from the candles.  

Also…don't be afraid to fill your frame with the this case, the pumpkin…get in nice and tight will give you a better picture and almost always add punch to your shots.


Here comes the pitch.... if your interested in getting some family photographs done…don't forget its just coming up to the holiday season…have a look at my website…and, please do get in touch or pass this email onto friends who might be interested.  Thanks so much for reading and i look forward to hearing from you....


Tracey xx