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 Newsletter May 2017

Good morning everyone and welcome to May!  Last month I opened with shades and sunscreen and was very quickly clear that I was lulled into the false sense of sunny I'm not going to mention anything about the gorgeous blue skies as I am writing this for May...just in case :-)

This months latest and greatest is a celebration to kids and the energy they store bundled in their cute little packages!!  Enjoy the images.

Following on from cute kids I couldn't resist the opportunity to offer Mom's a special deal for mothers day this month.  Take a look below for more details.

Ok so I might not be the last person in California to get an iPhone, but sometimes it definitely feels like it!  I joined the mobile apple dedicated supporters last week and am already wondering why I am such a late adopter!  Read more about my photographic experiences during the week and a great app that will allow you to make more use of the camera in your pocket!

My own camera fun this month comes from the wonderful moody local hills as one of the stormy days heads out.  I just love it when the dark grey clouds make the landscape look so dramatic

Thanks for reading and enjoy get in touch if you have any questions on anything...I'd love to hear from you😊!


~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

Kids are always busy...where do they get that energy?  It's sometimes hard to keep them still for photos!!  Sometimes it's just easier to go with the energy....capture it!  Below is a selection of my favorite images over the past few years that have captured kids running, jumping, catching, swinging, climbing and plain 'ol just having fun!!  They bring so much joy to our lives!!!
I love it...enjoy the images!! 
May Special
Are you struggling to find something different to give that special Mom in your life?  Why not try a family photo shoot!

Purchase a photo session gift voucher in May .... it's valid for a whole year and discounted by 20%!!  Only $120 (normally $150) 
$120 for 1-2 hour session that you can use anytime in the next year!

Win win for Everyone!!

Click on the image below to find out more!
Offer Ends - 31st May 2017
Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Camera+ Phone Application

I couldn't resist getting more than a little excited about the camera in my new phone and managed to explore an app that can allow you to take full use of you iPhone camera - the Camera+

You can pretty much control everything from exposure to shutter speed, white balance and focus.  Below is a shot taken using the application and a screenshot of the controls.  You can even shoot in Raw format using the application which will allow you to retain and work with a lot more data in your image than if you shoot with the default format - jpeg.  The obvious limitation is that the camera only has a single aperture to work with an so you can't control the depth of field.  You can control the depth of field a little when you bring yourself closer to your subject.  Anyway...there's lots to play with!!

As always...enjoy your photography!!

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Green and Moody

Take one last look!  I love how dark and moody skies create a contrast with the hills.  It almost seems as if there is a spotlight hitting certain areas of the hills and the light that bounces off the ground hits the dark skies again and enhances the whole image.  The green color is almost unreal! 
Quote of the Month

Its not always easy to do, but it's useful to remember this during those negative times - 

"A positive mind finds opportunity in everything while the negative mind finds faults in everything" - Unknown

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