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Newsletter July 2018

Good morning and welcome to July!

What a treat we have in store for those who follow us on Instagram!!...Flowers from Northern California.  Yet another reason to visit the area if you are from afar and to celebrate if you are already here!

As a photographer I have to say that there is one limitation that is often difficult to overcome. That is to reveal the beauty within. Models and people who are used to posing for the camera always look great...they know which side is their favorite and how to stand and how to get the best image of themselves...all this combined with the photography knowledge of professionals means that their images nearly always look great.  We can't all be models, but I believe that every individual has beauty within them and one of my jobs as a photographer is to create the environment to allow them to show that visually...everyone can look great, even if they don't like the camera.  One of the ways I do this is to have them interact with other people they love like other family members and friends.  It's not often that you look at an image of people laughing with each other and are not tempted to smile or laugh as well!  The latest and greatest below comes from a fantastic photo session I had with a very sweet and close family. I hope the images make you smile.

Time to haven't missed it!!  The summer vacation competition continues through July….please send me your favorite holiday photos and you will enter the draw to have a chance to win a photo session with me!!  All the details are below.

There are lots of photographers around hoping you choose them for your needs…but how do you make sure you have the right one for you?  Of course there are many things to consider when answering this question from photographer personality to expertise and style.  I wanted to look at one aspect this month and that is development processing style...check out my take on some of the options around.

For my own personal camera fun...check out some of the summer beauties I have been spending time with this week!

The quote this month embraces the summer in us all...take a look below to not feel guilty about relaxing!

Enjoy sunny July!


~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

Sometimes kids do the cutest things...well lots of the time actually!! And I always try to be alert so that when that moment arrives...I'm ready!!  It's funny how so many times, I try to capture the image as it happens and then I ask the subject to stay where they are so that I can capture another one or two...just in case I missed the first one.  But what happens?...I nearly always keep the first, because its the one with the best expression ;-)
Thank you so much to this lovely family for asking me to photograph them...again!!! Yay!! I just love seeing clients for repeat re-connecting with old friends.  Hope you had as much fun as I did!
Summer Vacation Photo Competition 2018

Thank you to everyone that has already entered the competition...and just in case you missed it, I a, keeping it open for another month!  So go ahead and dig out your favorites for the chance to with a photo session with me!

Email me your best summer vacation images to

include, the location of your photo as well as a title and I will enter you in the summer vacation photo competition - the winner will receive a complimentary photo session with one high resolution image to keep
It's that simple!

Click on the image of Table Mountain below to find out more!!

Closing date for entries - 31st July 2018
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Image Editing Styles

First a little history behind the development of image editing…

Before digital cameras, there was film…dark rooms and chemicals and very limited editing only achievable though very creative and laborious means.

Then came the 80's styles with images still shot on film …a bit more blending of individual images like children in one part of the images with the parents in another…a bit surreal- style.  You won't mind if I don't have an example of one of those to show you :-)

Early digital saw photographers experimenting with selective color.  So the whole image might be black and white with a certain element in color. Personally, I like it if is done well, but in many cases it can look a bit dated!


Raw Image - The most common choices for taking images with a digital camera are jpeg or Raw.  Jpeg images are smaller and the device always applies some initial editing to the image according to the algorithm that the camera uses. Some information is retained and some removed to allow the compressing of the image in the jpeg format. Raw is the digital capture of the image without any processing at all and there is no compressing - not a bad image of a really cute boy :-)
My Edit - I used a combination of clarity and vibrance to enhance the image and try to represent the true colors of the image, particularly skin tones.  I try to keep the image simple and bright and true.  In some situations I add some contrast by editing the highlights, shadows and whites to increase the 'pop' of the image as well as the 3 dimensional aspect.
Light and Airy - Images edited to give a more light and airy feel generally increase the exposure of the image and in doing so, lose a little of the contrast.  The images have a more whimsical feel and sometimes contain some blown out highlights. I love this style, particularly in specific situations like small children and couples.Give it a go!!  With digital photography, what do you have to lose?  Even when you think you are going to get nothing...that it's too dark, too far away, too close, too fast moving...give it a try, you might be surprised with what you get.  I took this at the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disney in California and while it wasn't the fastest moving ride, it was pretty dark.  I am so happy how this turned out and now have it to add to our memories of the vacation!
Dark and Moody - I guess there is always a time for dark, moody shots and it seems that this is trending at the moment.  I love black and white and editing images to create a moody feel can be done really well through black and white, but for your average family, business person or wedding, I think it would be a mistake to only shoot with this look in mind.Mix up close up photos with distance ones!  The close ups will capture expressions and little details of the subjects, and the far away ones will give you a sense of where you are and the size of the subject.
Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Summer Beauties
I was overwhelmed recently with a few flowers that came my way and I just couldn't resist sharing a few of the images with you!!  Enjoy...
Quote of the Month

A quote to seamlessly glide you into summer...

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.” ― John Lubbock
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