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 Newsletter July 2017

Good morning Tracey

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!!  

100 years of Nikon 10 years of iPhone, is it fair to say that it's almost impossible to continue with this rate of change - who will be the supplier of the next device and make it to the dizzy heights of these giants in 1 year!  I wanted to share this brilliant article with you from CNN...outlining 7 ways in which the iPhone has made life worse!!  It summarizes what we all think, but continue to ignore! All hail the iPhone god!  On the flip side (they were always my favorite phones ha ha)...check out my own camera fun below, shock, horror, it contains images only from an iPhone...with some beautiful results!!!

This months latest and greatest comes from one of my favorite locations - Baker Beach in San Francisco.  I have used this location for numerous photo shoots,  but this one is unique both from a client and a weather perspective!  Check out some of my favorites below.

Summer is here and so is the monthly special you've been waiting for!  The chance to win a $150 photo session with your own vacation images.  Please see the monthly special below for more details.

'For the photographer in you' this month has me rambling on about the importance of our photography and the historical impact it will have on our future family members!

I've poured out so much of my heart, feelings and time into these newsletters over the years and I'm so glad to have you all along with me, don't forget I always love to get your questions and comments from the newsletter and your cheers on Facebook and Instagram 😊

Thanks for reading and enjoy the July newsletter!


~ Tracey xxx

Latest and Greatest

We all know that a little pre-match nerves is normal but the conditions at Baker Beach when I arrived before our photo shoot last weekend made me feel more than a little nervous.  I have to say this shoot would not have worked with every client and the resulting photos are just an indication of how amazing and wonderful this family really is.  The Golden gate Bridge was hardly visible the wind was blowing and the temperature was cool.  Mark Twain could have been talking about the afternoon we were there with his famous quote 'The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco'.  Thank you so much for choosing me to be your family photographer!! I loved working with you guys :-)
July Special
Summer Vacation Photo Competition
Yay!!! It's that time of year again....
Enter our summer vacation photo competition and you could win a FREE professional photography session worth $150!  This competition only runs once a year and there is only one winner....but you have to be in it to win it!!!
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Offer Ends - 31st July 2017
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

For the Photographer in You - Do you Love your Photos This Much?

I have a terrible memory so it's probably just as well I enjoy photography but in all seriousness I believe the process of taking photographs and recording moments in time is essential to us today.  And to our children and their children and so on.

How many times have you looked back at your photos of your children maybe we have tens maybe we have hundreds maybe we have thousands how about photographs of you when you're a child maybe you have a 10th of what our children have maybe even less.  What about your parents do you have any pictures of them when they were children?  And your parents'd be lucky if you have a single one! Just because we are taking more photographs doesn't mean we are doing a good job documenting this time in history.  The snaps we take are forgotten about as quickly as the time it takes to post them on Facebook.

To have value, photographs need to be stored, backed up and cherished in order for them to be passed on to future generations.  Will there be a time maybe in 50 years or 100 years where there's a whole gap in photography for several generations because everything we have taken was on a lost iPhone?  Just a little something to think about when you are next on your computer....make sure to back up your favorite photos from your mobile device!

As always...enjoy your photography!!

Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun - Enter the iPhone Camera

Ok so I've been a professional photographer for about five years and I bought my first digital SLR camera in 2004 and so far I have managed to escape any serious equipment failure. The weekend in June while we were away my camera stopped working...completely...thankfully I wasn't on a client session. The only solution, was to use the only camera I had... my iPhone; and I was seriously impressed with the results.  Here are some of my favorites below.
Quote of the Month

I love this quote!  - 

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,Sing like there's nobody listening" - William Purkey
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