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tracey medcalfe photography Newsletter - Dec 2013

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Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. It does feel a bit like a shotgun of events….no sooner was Halloween over, it was onto thanksgiving and I have no doubt that Christmas is going to be just as imminent!

Being From England, Thanksgiving it is not a tradition we celebrate and were excited to have our first…led by the girls who, through school already know much more about the tradition than we could have hoped!  What a wonderful celebration of ‘giving thanks’.  We played the most fun game of everyone writing a sentence detailing something they were thankful for and then the rest of us had to guess who wrote it.  With a family of 2 adults, and three girls under 10, it did become a little predictable, but certainly got the message across….lets give thanks…and how wonderful is that!

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Most Recently…

Gift Vouchers

Everybody Loves Taking Pictures Competition

Referral Opportunities

A little Ditty My Own Camera Fun…


For the Photographer in You       


Most Recently

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a senior shoot….lots of fun with a gorgeous model.  We tried to get a collection of oudoor, natural shots, that look relaxed and provided a little preview of her character.  All the shots were taken around Danville….here are a few that we thought worked well. 


Gift Vouchers

Struggling with ideas for what to get for Christmas?….how about a photo shoot gift voucher.  Valid for a 2 hour shoot within 1 year of receipt so it can be redeemed during any season or for any event!  Just $150.







Referral Opportunities...

Don’t forget about the referral competition…all referrals that lead to a booking will have their   name entered in a draw.  At the end of December, I will draw a name who will receive free photo shoot session, worth $150.



Little Ditty About My Own Camera Fun...

The run up to Christmas is always fun and I had the opportunity to try out a few things with some new equipment I bought…no, not the 'chubs' :-) or my youngest!…











For the Photographer in You...

With food being pretty high on the agenda for the last few days and the foreseeable future..i thought I’d dedicate this ‘for the photographer in you’ to it!
‘Less is definitely more’. Whether you’re travelling to your holiday cabin or economizing, there is definitely a trend towards downsizing and simplifying cooking.  Photography is also benefitting from this trend and an overfilled image is not looking as appealing as it may have been previously.
When composing the shot, keep things simple, plain white plates or simple granite tops work well.  Adding fresh herbs can add some color if it is looking too boring.
Blurring the background is a good approach.  This is achieved by either using a long lens (200ml or 300ml) with a wide aperture (smallest f stop number) and getting in close…within a foot or so of the subject.  This results in a ‘narrow depth of field’ or…not much in focus….either in front or behind the subject.
A tripod is useful for this type of photography.  You could also have a go at using the timed delay function on the camera as pressing the shutter release can cause the camera to vibrate.
Use of a tripod also allows you to make more use of natural light instead of relying on flash.  Windows make excellent sources of natural light and can also provide great backgrounds if you are able to light your subject enough to compensate the bright window.



Thanks so much for reading my newsletter, I hope you have a fabulous Christmas….more in the New Year!
Tracey xx
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