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Nestled within the serene hills of Walnut Creek, Heather Farm Park offers a captivating haven to capture stunning photography for couples, families and students. As one meanders through the extensive park's pathways, a picturesque scene unfolds, showcasing the harmonious blend of rustic charm and natural splendor. Tall grasses sway gently in the breeze, their golden hues casting a warm glow under the Californian sun.   Amongst them, weathered tree stumps stand as silent sentinels, each bearing the marks of time and weather, adding the rustic feel of the area.

The rustic area of the park also boasts some stunning white fencing that weaves through the scenery.  Against this backdrop, the majestic California oak trees stand tall and proud, their sprawling branches reaching towards the sky in an intricate dance of golden and green light and shadow.   

You are unique! 


How would you like to capture your one, unique and precious life?

 ~ Naturally focused photography, spectacular locations, sessions laced with fun and emotion.

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