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A professional family portrait photography session at Crissy Field in San Francisco, California is a wonderful way to capture memories that will last a lifetime. With the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop, the setting is nothing short of breathtaking.


The golden hour just before sunset is the best time of day to capture the warm, beautiful tones and the hazy flare of the bridge for a dreamy effect. The shoreline of Crissy Field is a perfect place for a family photo session or an engagement celebration, or for high school seniors to capture something iconically San Francisco.


From the sandy beach to the grassy hills, the landscape offers a variety of opportunities for stunning family photos. Whether you want to capture family fun on the beach, or a more intimate moment on the hillside, there is something to please everyone.


For the adventurous, a sunset kayak paddle or a bit of kite surfing might be your perfect idea of a portrait session!


You are unique! 


How would you like to capture your one, unique and precious life?

 ~ Naturally focused photography, spectacular locations, sessions laced with fun and emotion.

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