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Capture This - Inclement Weather

January 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Capture This - Inclement Weather
Good morning everyone and a very warm welcome to my first blog of 2016. This was such a difficult blog to write....the birth of the new year....umming and ahhing about which way to write it...what to include, what not to include....anyway....if i carry on it certainly won't get it posted in here goes!

A quick overview of the format for the blog for the year - each month will focus on a different subject matter and will also show a different approach to photography.  I will try to write two or three blogs each month and include lots of images as well as my thoughts and camera settings as I explore each subject.  I will detail tricks learned or mistakes made during the first week or two and hopefully offer a corrected approach in the last blog of each month.  My aim is to encourage us all to think differently about photographing subjects and to experiment with different approaches and hopefully through this process....improve our photography of various subjects.

I had pencilled in the subject of 'water' for the month of January and whilst we have had our fair share of it, I prefer to widen the subject to 'inclement weather' on :-)

The temptation is to stay tucked up, warm and dry and wait for the sun to reappear!  Whilst I am definitely guilty of that sometimes....I am also inspired to go out and make the most of the moody weather we are all having.  Last week I took my bike and my camera and made for the hills!  Ok...a few serious lessons is possible to come to a complete standstill on a bike going downhill in the 'clay-rich' wet soil we are surrounded by.  Below are a few quick snapshots of my bike at its worst!  A ride that would normally take me about 45 minutes took over 2 hours because I had to carry my bike DOWN the hills!  And I wont even go into how long it took me to get the mud off!!!  Anyway, after a number of expletives and enough of the self pity....the desired outcome...moody images of the Danville hills.  Below are a few of my favourites with the settings included.

I found that overcast as it was, the sun breaking through the clouds was still too much for my camera to take and my shutter speed was just about as high as it would go.  Enter the 'neutral density filter' - it is like sunglasses for your Camera. Landscapes and ND filters isn't something I've every worked with before, but I am intrigued, particularly because I love shooting into the sun.  I also would love to experiment with slower shutter speeds which the filter will help with.  More rain is forecast for this weekend and early next week and I will try to get out again to get more dramatic landscape this space for the next episode!

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any thoughts or comments, do get in touch.

Stay dry,

~ Tracey
Exposure - 1/100 sec at f16
Focal Length - 50mm
ISO 500
Exposure - 1/200 sec at f16
Focal Length - 50mm
ISO 500
Exposure - 1/320 sec at f16
Focal Length - 50mm
ISO 500
Next Time
More inclement weather and hopefully a bit of sunshine too!!  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I hope you enjoy it and along the way it inspires you to get your camera out and get some of the shots yourself.
As get in touch if you have any questions or comments and I look forward to hearing from you,

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