You're Smarter Than Your Camera

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For the Photographer in You - 'You're Smarter Than Your Camera!'
For a long time now, I have thought about having a blog....but what to blog about!  After all I'm not a life isn't that interesting :-) so I did some research, looked at other peoples blogs particularly in the photographic industry and found that the main focus for female photographers is to post their personal and slices of private life on their blog.  Ok...again I'm not a teenager! Then I got to thinking....I don’t get a blog from my dentist talking about what their interested in and what they like doing at weekends, basically all I need to know about my dentist is that they can fix your teeth.  Do I really care about their fantastic small talk as they insert the 15th item into your mouth….probably not.  So...
Then I got to thinking, well, what can I do for my clients that they would want apart from to get great photos from me?  And then a light bulb moment…actually, that is it!!! They want to get great photos from me, but they also want to get great photos themselves.  Actually my newsletter also helped me come to this conclusion as many of the comments referred to how much people liked the ‘for the photographer in you’ section… and hence the birth of my blog!  'You're Smarter than Your Camera'.  
I will try to keep to some rules -
  • Post interesting and entertaining blogs (subjective, I know, but I will try)
  • Keep it to bite sized info starting with simple concepts at the beginning of the month and developing to more complex aspects of the same topic at the end of the month
  • It won't be camera or lens specific, but you will need a camera that you can take control of....or 'switch off auto'.
  • It will include manageable projects which will help with learning the concept - of course they are optional, but it would be fun to get some feedback from you.
  • It will focus on the camera functions mainly, and this will introduce other aspects of taking better photos.

It starts next week and will follow a monthly topic (the first month is aperture) – an aspect of your camera that will help you take better photographs.   I will post several blogs each month following the monthly theme and would love you to sign up and share your photos you take..if you want to!  You can receive the blogs directly to you inbox, or of course you can check my website or facebook for new releases.!!!  Rock on 2015 and let this be the year, you take control of your fabulous camera that you normally keep on automatic and really get the shots you want!
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